Come home to the countryside

You love the soothing, down to earth look of this welcoming style, with its wood accents and warm, irresistibly tasteful colors. Chez vous, old-fashioned finishes and textures pair perfectly with floral prints, stripes, and understated checks, and cherished family objects enhance the ambience. Let your love of all things country shine through in your decor. its a great way to live!

  • Ultra-sturdy steel metal frame
  • Well-cushioned upholstered seat
  • Metal backrest with solid wood accent (birch)
  • With memory return swivel : option for non-return swivel

Stool Heights Available:
Counter Height (26″)
Bar Height (30″)
Spectator Height (34″)

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  • black coral opaque metall finish-25
  • Cobrizo Hammered Metal Finish-75
  • dayglam opaque metal finish-53
  • Falcon Hammered Metal Finish-74
  • Harley Semi-Transparent 51
  • metallo opaque metal finish
  • Mineral Hammered metal finish
  • Oxiado Semi Transparent -52
  • Pure opaque metal finish - 61
  • sienna opaque metal finish -58
  • sun gold opaque metal finish -27
  • titanium opaque metal finish
  • vanilla opaque metal finish-68
  • magnetite opaque metal finish
  • Earl grey Solid Wood/Veneer Birch
  • Mouse Solid Wood/Veneer Birch
  • Pineone Solid Wood/Veneer Birch
  • Porter solid wood/Veneer birch
  • Rumcherry solid wood/Veneer Birch
  • sand dust solid wood/Veneer Birch
  • Tiramisu Solid Wood/Veneer Birch
  • Non Memory Return - 360 Swivel
  • With Memory Return - 180 Swivel


Upholstered Covering Options

Quilted Covering Options


Metal Finishing Options

Distressed Solid Wood Birch Finishing Options

Celebrating character marks, knots and contrasting wood grain, distressed solid birch blends incredibly well with steel, providing an authentic and unique look to every product.

Manual characteristics that will appear on distressed solid wood components:

Nail holes, Simulated worm holes,  Tool mark, Screw mark, Chain impact

Natural characteristics that may appear on distressed solid wood components:

Deep mark, Repaired knot, Deep knot, Multiples cracks, Long crack

Solid wood (birch) and Veneer color(s)

Your Amisco wood product has a durable lacquer finish.  Therefore, it doesn’t need any punctual treatment over the years.

To preserve the table finish, please avoid applying:

• Commercial cleaning solutions, • Harsh cleaners, • Glass cleaners, • Waxes, • Oils, • Polishes
Dust can be removed with a dry cloth. Cleaning must be done using a soft cloth and warm soapy water. Make sure to wipe dry the table.

Lacquer must be preserved by:

• Wiping dry liquids spilled on the table, • Cleaning zones that have been in contact with food, • Using tablecloth or fabric place mats, • Using a trivet to put down a hot plate, • Using a desk pad for writing, • Avoiding to slide rough or heavy objects on the table


To maximize the lifetime of your product, please place it in an environment where temperature is near 70°F and where relative humidity is between 30% and 50%.  Please avoid placing the table or its extensions near a source of intense heat.  To preserve your product original color, please avoid placing it in direct sunlight.

Performance Fabrics

Professionnal cleaning service is recommended. Vacuum or brush regularly to remove dust and grime. Some fabrics may require brushing with a non metallic, stiff bristle brush to restore appearance. After a spill, blot immediately the spilled liquid. Clean spot or stain from the outside to the middle of the area affected to prevent circling. To remove soil, clean the fabric with the foam from a mild water based detergent. Test on a small inconspicuous area before proceeding. Do not use household solvents, hot water extraction or steam cleaning. Blue-jean dye can transfer from jeans onto white or light-colored upholstery fabrics with contact, even after several washings of the jeans.

PVC and Polyurethane Upholstery Coverings

Use a soft cloth and mild soapy water, or all purpose cleaner. Do not use solvant. Some foods may stain white and light-colored PVC or polyurethane upholstery coverings. Clean any food spills immediately to prevent permanent stains. Blue-jean dye can transfer from jeans onto white and light-colored PVC or polyurethane with contact, even after several washings of the jeans. Clean blue jean dye marks with isopropyl rubbing alcohol.

Stainless Steel and Satin Chrome

Use a soft cloth and mild soapy water. Wipe in the grain direction to prevent marking or scratching of the surface. Rinse and wipe with a dry cloth, to avoid water marks. To get rid of stains, use a stainless steel cleaner, and follow the product instructions. Wipe in the grain direction. Do not use a scouring pad or powder cleanser, as these products may damage the finish.


Additional information

Weight 32.5 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 17 × 44 in
Metal Finishing Color

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Solid Wood Color

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Swivel Option



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