Custom Options


Why you’ll love our stools:

  • 10-year limited residential warranty on metal frame
  • It’s built to last you decades
  • Lead-free paint
  • Heavy-duty North American steel
  • Powder-coated metal finish for heavy-duty use

Characteristics of the distressed solid wood:

Celebrating character marks, knots and contrasting wood grain, distressed solid birch blends incredibly well with steel, providing an authentic and unique look to every product.

Manual characteristics that will appear on distressed solid wood components:

  • Nail holes 
  • Simulated worm holes 
  • Tool mark 
  • Screw mark 
  • Chain impact 
Amisco's Manual Characteristics of the Distressed Solid Wood

Natural characteristics that may appear on distressed solid wood components:

  • Deep mark 
  • Repaired knot 
  • Deep knot 
  • Multiples cracks 
  • Long crack
Amisco's Natural Characteristics of the Distressed Solid Wood


When you acquire an Amisco piece, you are demonstrating your commitment to helping protect the environment. Our furniture is guaranteed to last, with durability and beauty that span generations.

Amisco uses environmentally friendly processes, from the first phase of the manufacturing process until the last. They recycle all production rejects. They avoid over packaging and use packaging made from recycled and recyclable materials.

Always concerned about limiting its environmental footprint, Amisco has completed and continues numerous initiatives to reduce its energy consumption.

Easily Customizable

Love this? Customize it to make it your own.

Available in a variety of powder-coated metal finishes


including 24 magnetite which matches stainless steel appliances • 25 black coral • 27 sun gold • 51 harley and 52 oxidado visible weld marks for an industrial look • 61 pure a white • 68 vanilla a cream • and more.

Available in a variety of wood stains including

unfinished, 80 milk a whitewash • 86 sand dust natural and black distressing • 87 toasty birch medium oak color • 89 stone dust a distressed medium gray • and more.


Performance Fabrics

Resilient when compressed, our upholstery options provide exceptional support and increased uniformity from cushion to cushion. Because of it’s superior quality, we back it with a lifetime warranty. The cushions’ core provides high support for years of comfort so your warranty is rarely needed. Polyester fiber offers extra support, along with a luxurious crown. Polyurethane adds to your seating comfort. Our leathers are genuine and all fabrics are commercial grade.

Custom Wood Finishes

Metal Finishes

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